Income tax

At GD Accounting, our priority is to maximize your reimbursement and we take the possible means to get there

Why do your tax preparation with us?


Bookkeeping (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual services)

  • We offer support all year round
  • We use the methods available to maximize your refund
  • We use the TED * (Electronic Transmission of Documents)
  • We use one of the best softwares in Canada
  • Competitive fees and special prices for people without income, students and retirees

How can we help you?

Simple or complex personal tax preparation, including but not limited to:

  • Income properties including rental income and expenses self employed workers and businesses / farms
  • Investments
  • Revenue from commissions
  • Home office expenses and vehicle expenses for business/work purposes
  • Corporate tax
  • Final tax preparation service for a deceased person

Examples of slips you may want to include

  • T4 of your job Pensions T4A, T4A (P), T4A (OAS), etc.
  • T4RSP, T4RIF income and contributions RRSP
  • T3, T5, T5008 and other investment income
  • School expenses and interest on student loan
  • Charity donations and political contributions
  • Medical expenses
  • Childcare expenses
  • T2200
  • Property taxes
  • Union fees
  • Other relevant slips